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Viktor Karamazov was born in a small village 30 miles from St. Petersburg to Mikhail and Alyona Karamazov. From a young age, Viktor showed great potential. He went to the renowned Saint Petersburg Lyceum 239 where he excelled in Physics and ended up studying the subject at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Upon graduation, he was recruited by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky to work on a top secret space exploration program.
In this covert program, Tsiolkovsky and his men created a craft with the ability to reach the Moon and Mars.

The year is 1929, and Viktor is chosen as the first cosmonaut to go on this clandestine voyage.
Unfortunately, Viktor has lost all communication with his crew in Moscow and encounters life-threatening Aliens, Black holes and Lasers on Mars and the Moon.

Help Viktor complete this top secret mission and get him back home safe and sound.

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